Garden Pavilion

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Garden Pavilion


Garden Pavilion
Exhibition Space
Manila FAME Garden Pavilion
Pasay City

I was commissioned to design and execute a Garden Pavilion for the Manila FAME trade show. The space was generous – all of 420 square meters – where over 30 participating manufacturers were going to exhibit their products. My challenge was to design a cohesive space with enough details that would convey the feel of a garden, without getting in the way of the exhibitors’ individual design directions.

How could I be explicit and remain neutral at the same time?

Another challenge was execution. The venue is a huge, non-descript hall. A very elaborate set up would look very contrived – even tacky – but a very simple one would be eaten up by the space. I needed to find a balance.

I didn’t have to look far to find inspirations for a garden pavilion. I drew ideas from Asian, North American, British and French formal gardens and public parks that I have visited. I used sustainable and indigenous materials ranging from rattan to bamboo, coconut, abaca and nito vines. With a selection of indoor/outdoor furniture, garden ornaments and accents, I was able to create a convincing picture of an indoor-outdoor space that would be well received anywhere in the world.

The result, I’m happy to report, has drawn raves from the visitors and organizers of the trade show.


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